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A divine voice only to be complimented by good animating skills. This deserves at least a 3.5.
+1 star for anthro. :3

If You Though That Was Hard......

Wait until you get to the last boss. I lost almost 1000 lives before defeating "Etna". :\

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Oh dear god... Wait you made it that far? Shit.


I can't stop clicking play.

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I kind of agree with 12 rabbits. It makes the game so unbelievable that it almost ruins it. A good story is the way to go. Take a look at how "crusoe had it easy" on newgrounds. He took the best approach to making his game even when it came to a weird subject like incest. Play the game and you'll see what I mean. Despite my negative comments, I really like the quality and detail you put into your art and programming. It was well executed.

Great art out of most games like this. by most games I mean like sex games with "sequential events". ;)

Still as great as I once played before years ago. Still need sound lol. ^^

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reminds me of DANGAN RONPA!!!! XD

Very stupendous for an FMA cover with some original composition thrown in. Could've achieved 5 stars if you had utilized the power of surround sound. Still great overall. Great job. :)

Pokemon much? :)

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still the same style ut you could improve a lot . HOw about making another flash game with Linda like the on in the beach? A picture can say so much, but a game makes lasting memories

Looks like a crossover of a harpy drawn in fairy tale yet somewhat carries a monster musume feel to it. Very nice anyways. Oh rite she reminds me of papi the harpy ^^

Yes! We need more monster musume in NG! Nice crossover btw ^^

turk128 responds:

I really have to start watching it (have the 1st ep in que for the longest time now).

Just a regular guy ranking and commenting on Newgrounds. Occasionally, I throw in some Hentai pictures. Please remember, that all pictures shown here are received from free of charge redistributing websites. Other than that, feel free to comment. :D

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