Entry #140

For now....

2014-04-14 16:49:21 by Bladeace777


Im just playing some renpy visual novels to get a good grasp of what's already done and its comforting to know that there havent been any outstanding ones besides Katawa shoujo. Whats new? Well as for my VN its semi playable depending on how fast you read. :P It'll be up not on NG but on renpy so keepchecking of you'd like. Maybe in the Dumping grounds but we'll see. Se yu til then. XD

Oh, rite that's Myra from Sepia Tears (Not mine ^^'). Its basically good (7.5 out of 10) overall with two or three remrakble soundtracks to say the least. Created with the Renpy engine.




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2014-07-07 13:00:09

Must i switch back to pr0n? QQ