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Not much of an update? Hmm...

2015-08-23 18:38:26 by Bladeace777


Well lately i've been reading monster musume and trex na kanojo and they are both very entertaining. ;) Kanojo seems to have more comedy skits, but I enjoy the overall harem feel in Monster musume. Both of these mangas are availabe online and I highly reccomend reading them. links Above


P.S. Just played this game and its probably "Adult game of the year" Check it out if your into island survival and more... XD




2015-02-01 18:29:28 by Bladeace777

3788722_142283344642_korrasami__metroid_hunters_by_pronon1990-d7hqhj9.jpgEven though its really late, Happy new years!  ..heh

I havent been on newgrounds often but i still see my fave authors submissions, so my boats still floating. ^^

I also stoped posting often as my primary purpose was to review adult games but that was the past me...yet ill come around sometime and do reviews for fun. :P

If any questions feel free to comment.

BTW anyone else expecting the new starfox game? Im a fan of metroid but its been a while since a new game came out so i hope this will do. ^^

Hmm it feels like forever but im still alive...

2014-08-15 16:10:45 by Bladeace777

Im stilll working on my visual novel but progress is slow. For thos e who want to see what I've been side tracked on pm and ill send you the file. Reviews are welcome. ^^

Oh and all rights belong to those who originally captured this so, yeah thts it for now. oh and the music is from ng audio portal ^^

Update:Stilll working on it. ^^


For now....

2014-04-14 16:49:21 by Bladeace777


Im just playing some renpy visual novels to get a good grasp of what's already done and its comforting to know that there havent been any outstanding ones besides Katawa shoujo. Whats new? Well as for my VN its semi playable depending on how fast you read. :P It'll be up not on NG but on renpy so keepchecking of you'd like. Maybe in the Dumping grounds but we'll see. Se yu til then. XD

Oh, rite that's Myra from Sepia Tears (Not mine ^^'). Its basically good (7.5 out of 10) overall with two or three remrakble soundtracks to say the least. Created with the Renpy engine.


Dam she hungry

2014-02-07 17:08:53 by Bladeace777

Just enjoying life for now.

Just enjoying life for now. :]

Its time to set ur new goals fo the next year!!!! I hope to finish my irl projects. XD




2013-11-27 17:52:13 by Bladeace777

that is all.


well s4...

2013-11-01 22:56:22 by Bladeace777

league got a new scythe but its so slow... should've made lance ^^ no fanservixe today but enjoy this. XD

well s4...

Just bored I guess......

2013-10-13 00:43:38 by Bladeace777

nothing much to do at newgrounds...but ive been playing this game called avabel. Its pretty damn good for a mobile game XD
Although ill try reviewing again just for good old times sake. XD

Just bored I guess......